Weekly Saṁgīti | Chanting the Dharma together in Sanskrit

We meet every Sunday, at 2:30 pm (GMT+1), and at 8.00 pm (GMT+1) to chant Buddhist texts in Sanskrit, for about 90 minutes. We also occasionally have additional meetings on Saturdays. Wherever you are, feel free to join us. Previous knowledge of Sanskrit (or skills in chanting) are not needed; the coordinators will help you. We meet on Zoom. If you would like to join, and/or you have any queries, please write to:vidyasanah@gmail.com (Vidyā) or to  centronamaskar@gmail.com (Vīryaśrī). You may also contact Vidyā and Vīryaśrī if you would like to ask for additional Saṁgīti meetings at a different time, and they will discuss with you whether it may be possible.