Heart Sūtra Sanskrit (Longer version) | New music release (4 November 2023)

To mark the day when the Buddha came back from svarga to the human world, we celebrate with a new release:


The chant closely follows the instructions of Imee Ooi, who created a subtle “wave” effect inspired by traditional Buddhist chanting conventions (listening with headphones is highly recommended). All of this was made possible by Susan Sim’s vision, and we are very grateful to her.

The version chanted here is the closest available edition (we know of) to the Tibetan Kangyur version, and conforms closely to the available Indian commentaries – especially to that of Ācārya Vimalamitra. The text can be found on Saugatam.org (under “Texts”).

Produced by Yayasan Pema Norbu Vihara in collaboration with Saugatam.

This recording is especially dedicated to Guru Vāgindraśīladhvaja, Lama Au Tsultrim Gyaltsen, whose emphasis on the Heart Sūtra is the ultimate source of any goodness in these chants.