।। मृदुमन्दस्वरगीतिः ।। Grammar chants with Vidyā (Online, from November 16th 2023) 

Mr̥du-manda-svara-gītiḥ means “a song with soft, slow notes”, and echoes the words of Ārya Śāntideva, who recommends that a Bodhisattva practitioner “should speak in soft, slow notes” (mr̥dumandasvaraṁ vadet). It also indicates that in this chanting sessions (gīti) each of the vowels (svara) will be pronounced slowly (manda) and that the chanting will be easy, suitable for beginners (mr̥du).

These online sessions will be helpful for:

complete beginners;

others who wish to reinforce paradigms and Sanskrit vocabulary related to Buddhism;

those who are studying or intend to study the Svayambhūvyākaraṇam.

The chants can be found here:

Svayambhūvyākaraṇam Daily Chants Lessons 1 - 3 - YouTube

The online sessions are free of cost and open to all (donations to the teacher are welcome but not expected).

20.00 Bangkok Time – Every Thursday (but check with Vidyā for changes)

Organized in collaboration with Yayasan Pema Norbu Vihāra (Kuala Lumpur).

For more information, and to register: vidyasanah@gmail.com (Vidyā)